We are GREYT together and become GREENSOON!

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We had a successful weekend, which was in cooperation with Raiffeisenbank Group. Firstly, we congratulate our RBCZ team in the Czech Republic on a successful migration - great job! However, we would like to thank and inform about the success of the Greyson team, which participated in the OPEN API hackathon and fought in the Raiffeisen Bank International challenge - Make the world great again!

Our team, composed of Attila Bódis, Tomáš Hurýn, Peter Telepčák, Peter Štuller, and Miro Vansa, represented Greyson excellently. Our team managed to fight their way among the top 3 teams and received very positive feedback on their work.

First and foremost, we would like to thank them for their great work, enthusiasm, and exemplary representation of our colors - you are great!

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