Do banks have anything to offer to children and their parents?

The competition for banking clients is a nearly rule-less battle. One rule is universally applicable, however - this battle is extremely financially demanding. Winning a client from a competing bank today requires investments in massive advertising, substituted products, or direct financial incentives for the switch.

On-line bank onboarding

We have looked at online onboarding in banks in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We measured the necessary activity such as the number of clicks and filled fields, the duration of onboarding, and the user-friendliness index. See how the banks performed in each category.


The hot topic in building a digital ecosystem for the past few months has been BankID, and with the official launch of this service in the Czech Republic in early January, the question of digitization has taken a step forward.

Automated testing

The development and evolution of business applications often represent one of the largest items in corporate budgets. The constant pressure to reduce costs has therefore strongly affected software development.

7 Current Trends in Energy

Pressure coming from a wide range of involved parties, including customers and shareholders, changing regulations, and increasing operating costs are increasingly driving changes and the necessity for innovation across all industries.

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