Greyson has a new CEO has a new CEO

Greyson has appointed a new CEO - our colleague Marek Opava. Marek joined Greyson in 2012 and took on the role of CEO after many years in company management. He has extensive experience in managing large implementation projects and plays an important role in the company's business successes. We wish Marek all the success in his new position and believe that his many years of experience will contribute to Greyson's continued strong growth and success.

"My goal is to expand Greyson beyond the financial sector into new segments, while also increasing the range of services we are able to provide. However, our top priority will always remain the high level of service for our clients and the satisfaction of our employees. I want our clients to continue to perceive us as a partner who helps them achieve their most complex goals, and our employees to see us as a company where they can successfully realize their potential."

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