Graduates from the fields of Testing, BI, and Consulting from the fields of Testing, BI, and Consulting

Tomáš Unger – Junior Tester

Greyson gives a chance to complete beginners in the field. Not the classic cliché "We welcome even complete beginners - with 1 to 2 years of experience" :). I myself am an example of this, having requalified as a QA Tester with a short practice. No one here looks down on me. When I need guidance, advice, or to use my strengths within the project, I always have someone to turn to. Career growth opportunities are a matter of course here. There are plenty of interesting and meaningful projects to choose from and get involved in. As a beginner, I still need to learn and thanks to the assistance of older colleagues, I feel like I'm actually learning something and improving myself.

Michaela Šimková – Junior Tester

I chose Greyson because of excellent communication within the HR department and colleagues on the project. As I started as a complete novice in the field, I had taken a testing course and a front-end development course, but had no work experience. So I was thrilled to be able to participate in a project and gradually gain work experience. I appreciate the support and resources provided by Greyson and especially the colleagues on the project. It's a great feeling to be able to consult with someone.

Hung Tran Viet (Dan) – Junior Consultant

I see the biggest advantages of Greyson in the friendly environment and nice team, which always advises and helps. Thanks to Greyson, I have the opportunity to collaborate with a large number of bigger and smaller banks as well as other institutions, which enables me to gain a wide range of experience and skills. Moreover, each project is unique and I get to know many new faces during it.

Lukáš Sezima – Junior BI Consultant

When I joined, I hoped that in Greyson there would be a great chance to work on interesting projects, learn new technologies, and utilize my previous knowledge. So far, all of this has been achieved, and I believe that every new colleague will feel good with us. Personally, I like the joint events that we can participate in and get to know new colleagues better. At the same time, I have to highlight the personal approach from our partners.

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