Greyson ran for help for abused children and raised 13,590 CZK! ran for help for abused children and raised 13,590 CZK!

From September 5th to 14th, 2019, the fifth annual charity-sports event "TERIBEAR moves Prague - first day with a bear" took place on top of Vítkov hill. This year, we also participated and put together the Greyson team. The event involves contributing 30 CZK to a chosen charitable project for every kilometer run. In our case, it was to help abused children on their way to a happy childhood. During these 10 days, we managed to run a total of 453 km, which amounts to a total of 13,590 CZK! A large part of this result belongs to our colleague Olga Rudikova, who with great enthusiasm and a heart in the right place, stood at the starting line every evening after work and ran an incredible 262.5 km! A big thank you also goes to our other colleagues who participated - Zuzka Hřebíčková, Tomáš Hynka, Martin Jančík, Bohumil Dvořák, and Maru Ryšková. You are just awesome!

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