Leaders in management 
and delivery 

of system integration projects for banking sector in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Who we are?

We change the status quo. As a preferred partner for delivering critical business projects in the financial industry, we can bring about meaningful change for your business. Develop your potential through our skills and expertise. Our customers choose us because of the top quality of our services, proactivity, trust, and if we were to characterize our relationships with one word, it would be partnership. We built on it not only our business model but also our company culture. We offer to our colleagues, both current and future, unique opportunities in which we can provide them with all the comfort and help they need. In return, they give us a willingness to improve their skills, creativity, and set up a fair work environment. Even with the most courageous ambitions, this approach helps us successfully address all unique challenges and it represents continuous sustainable growth, both ours and yours.
"Why are we the preferred partner for critical IT financial projects? Precisely because of that word - partnership. It expresses our initiative, constructiveness, reliability, trust, and, not least, our professional quality not only to our clients but also internally within the company. In our people, we encourage creativity, cooperation, straightforwardness, and openness."
Marek Opava
Business Partner and CEO

What our people say about us

"Despite rapid growth, Greyson refuses bureaucratic processes which are commonplace in corporations. Every employee can present his/her ideas and suggest improvements"

Martin Kolesár

"I like the work in Greyson, because we have here a great team and family-like environment!"

Jana Sigetová

Managing Konzultant

"Why Greyson? Because: I want interesting work on new things and here I have that. I want to work for organization which are leaders in what they do, and Greyson has such projects. I want to be able to rely on people with whom I work and Greyson has exactly that kind of people. Plus the occassional beer :-)"

Marek Tamajka

Senior Delivery Manager

"I like working here, because of great combination of interesting projects, professional approach, personal development and incredible colleagues, with whom I enjoy spending even my free time!"

Miroslav Vansa

Senior Manažér

"Thanks to atmosphere in Greyson you really feel like trying new things. You can rely on your leaders and colleagues, because mutual agreements are kept. Sharing of experience and professional trainings are not just vague goals, but reality of ordinary work days"

Petr Štěpánek

Solution Architekt

"What I like about Greyson is that if offers the developers the chance to grow in both technical and business areas, opportunity (and often also challenge) to work on interesting and important project. We're not just 1's a 0's, but a great team :-)"

Róbert Škop

Senior developer

"I have opportunities to participate in interesting projects for market leading companies. Each project brings along new challenges, opportunities, interesting people and situations. Stimulating work environment, career growth possibilities, attentive management and friendly atmophere are important benefits for me."

Peter Košút

Managing Konzultant

"Greyson gave me the opportunity to look into the world of consulting while studying. Since then, I have worked on several interesting projects for market leaders in banking and met many cool and successful people. Greyson is not a cut-and-dried corporate and allows individual growth path."

Vojtěch Sikyta

Managing Konzultant

Join our team!

We are looking for exceptional talents to strengthen our team, including recent university graduates and experienced professionals in IT and business.

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