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Greyson 10 years
We celebrated already 10years of existence of our company, which was established by two enthusiastic managers. Currently we have over 170 people and still growing!!!


Jobs Fair CO@FIT
Based on the success in a spring this year we took part of the job fair CO@FIT in the Czech Technical University. XBOX ONE X was the main award of our java competition. Students had to be active and smart and brought up the best solution of our game, which was not that easy this time 😊


A week of health
As November is a symbol of foggy and rainy weather, we thought that it would be a great idea to prevent our people from all the autumn sicknesses. We gave out boxes of fruit and vitamins for all Greyson people to make them stronger and fit 😊


Job Fair Šance at the University of Economics in Prague
It was our pleasure to be at Job Fair Šance in VŠE for the first time. We hired NGO Pojďte dál to bake choco muffins for this occasion and we met there many students to discuss an opportunity in Greyson. Hope to see the best of them at Greyson 😊


Villa in Sri Lanka for our employees
We launched a new benefit for our employees. As we know that they love to travel and rest in distant destinations we decided to rent a house in Sri Lanka. All our employees now have a chance to enjoy its lovely beaches, delicious food and sightseeing with arranged accommodation. We changed the destination from Bali where we had been already 😊

9.6.2017 SK/ 20.7.2017 CZ

Greyson barbecue
It’s summer time and Greyson likes to celebrate it with our families! Thanks to our employees and also the Greyson management we collected some money to support the NGO Seňorina, which helps people with Alzheimer disease.


Greyson grows
We are growing! The number of people has doubled over the last 2 years and now we are 150 people strong! Thanks to them and their qualities, we can more easily achieve our business goals and be professional partners for our clients. Let’s make a promise to keep the standard and reach 200 soon!


Project Management conference
Friday 2nd of June was a special day for us, as we participated in the PM conference, which took place at the Czech Agriculture University. The topic was “How to swim in deep waters of IT banking projects”. We are looking forward for the further participation and cooperation.


Jobs Fair JobsDev
We joined the new Jobs Fair JobsDev focused on senior developers and our BI/DWH and Java leaders organized a funny competition for them. It was a fruitful day and we hope to be an attractive employer not just for the developers.

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