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Christmas charity for little František
We had one nice mission at the Christmas party in Prague. We joined our forces and became a little Christmas miracle for someone. In cooperation with the ADRA CZ Foundation, we helped 6-year-old František from Karviná. František was born a healthy baby, but genetic tests have found a rare mutation that only a few dozen people in the Czech Republic suffer from. In order to improve his quality of life, František needs to undergo many rehabilitation programs that are very expensive. We are pleased how many of our colleagues have joined the fund raising, believing they can change the life of Little František. Thank you for your enthusiasm in helping others and for your generous financial contributions.

Together we managed to raise more than 73,000 CZK for František! :)


Christmas charity for Clowndoctors
Our Christmas party in Bratislava was not just about having fun, but also about supporting a wonderful project Red nose of Clowndoctors. Main program of this NGO is regular visits to children in hospitals and treatment facilities, which are carried out by professional clowns. Their task is to promote the psychological well-being of hospitalized children and thereby contribute to improving their general health. Health clowns help children with their humor from fear, tension and anxiety associated not only with treatment, but also from an unknown environment where they lack their loved ones.

Together we raised € 2055 to support them! We hope that the proceeds from the Greyson team's charity raising will help to put smile on even more faces 😊


Christmas is here 😊
With the arrival of the new year we usually balance and evaluate, but we never forget to properly celebrate the year which is about to end 😊 Christmas parties season was started in Bratislava at the end of November on the banks of the Danube. Prague followed shortly with a party in the city center. Both evenings were all about food, drinks, quality laughter and fun...and last but not least, considerable charity raising 😊 Thank you for the good humor and festive atmosphere in both cities and let's remind ourselves all of this with a little video 😊


Germs don't stand a chance
November weather is really erratic - one day the sun keeps us warm and the next day we shimmer in the cold. These sudden changes of weather are perfect for one thing only - catching a cold. However, this year we were ready again, so the germs didn't stand a chance! Our Greysons received health packages packed with warm teas and lots of vitamins. We believe that the packages boosted our immunity while bringing us joy at the same time 😊


We simply love running
We have known since long ago that our company is full of active people. And so September and October were marked by running. First, in September, the Slovak part of the company took part in 10 km race. Despite the rainy weather, our employees ran the Telekom Night Run in Bratislava. They did great and the atmosphere was good throughout the evening. In October, Czech colleagues stood on a starting line of Runtour in Prague. Unlike in Slovakia, the weather was cooperating nicely, and the sunny sky allowed excellent running times. Our employees ran 5km and 10km and according to the initial impressions they enjoyed the race tremendously. Only thing left to say is: sport rules and we look forward to your next sport performance 😊


Greyson teambuilding amidst beauty of Lower Moravia
The last weekend of September was devoted to teambuilding, in which both the Czech and Slovak part of Greyson participated. We met in the beautiful countryside of Lower Moravia, which we admired from Friday evening until Sunday morning. We took the opportunity to rent a local toboggan run in the morning and tested the speeds that can be reached on the downhill. We also exercised our muscles and brains while playing team games, which we didn't just play inside, but we also explored the wonders of the place. The victorious team took home the local legendary delicacy for later consumption. Among the common activities we used the hotel's wellness and fitness center, which properly relaxed us to successfully close the weekend and all of us arrived in Prague and Bratislava in order. You can see how we enjoyed it in the video :)


Greyson raised 13 590 CZK for abused kids!
From 5.9. to 14.9.2019 the fifth annual charity and sport event "TERIBEAR moves Prague or a great day with a bear" took place on the Vítkov Hill. This year we also took part and put the Greyson team together. The point of the event is that for each kilometer you run, you donate 30 CZK to the charity project of your choice. In our case it was about helping abused children on their way to a happy childhood. During these 10 days we managed to run amazing 453 km, which made up a total of 13.590 CZK! Our colleague Olga Rudik took a big share in this result, as thanks to her great enthusiasm and heart in the right place, she ran every evening after the working day, and in total ran incredible 262,5 km! Many thanks also to other participating colleagues - Zuzka Hrebickova, Tomas Hynek, Martin Jancik, Bohumil Dvorak and Mara Ryskova. You're just great!


Summer deserves a grill party
During these sunny summer days, cool grill parties took place in both our countries. We kicked off the season in Czechia, on Cisarska Louka, an island in the middle of Vltava. Slovak grill party followed soon and sweet smell of barbecue was filling the air from beautiful area of Patronka. Think endless supply of food and drinks, team games, beach volleyball, cricket, table football and lots of other games.
We didn't leave the little ones behind, as the grill party was kids friendly. We had special program for the kids, with face painting, but the top fun for both the children and the grown-ups was traditional fire barbecue. We can't wait for the next summer, to repeat! 😊


Greyson actively
June was a month of active rest for us. In Slovakia we had a bit of adrenaline rush at go-kart racing, where our employees competed among themselves. Later, our Czech Java team also opted for go-kart racing, while the BI team chose laser tag instead, and things surely got hectic there :-) We all had fun, relaxed and recharged for the upcoming work challenges.


Attending Jobs Dev again!
Jobs Dev is a job fair, which we regularly and gladly attend. This job fair is unique, because only people from IT industry are allowed there and it is intended for senior developers. Developers meet here directly other developers from participating companies. This was the third edition of Jobs Dev and we obviously couldn't miss it. We brought our favorite "Trains" game with us. As many participants remembered us and our game from the previous years, a lot of people were interested in joining the game. That naturally made us happy and we are looking forward for making somebody's day by the award for the Java game, and for meeting you personally about one of the interesting job offers here at Greyson.


Greyson among Europe's fastest growing companies!


Another great news!
Our company has again won in Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic's "Vendor of the year 2018" awards, in category "Vendor with best added value", and thus confirmed the victory from the previous year. We want to thank Raiffeisenbank for their trust in us and for its appreciation of our work :)
Big thanks goes again to our team in Raiffeisenbank - without you, we would not achieve this victory, and thumbs up for the perfect job done on all our projects (direct channels, ProSeCo, DWH and Unife).

March 2019

March job fairs
March has been the month of job fairs for us! In Czech Republic we participated at 2 job fairs - Šanca at VŠE and COFIT at ČVUT. In Slovakia we took part in Dni Príležitostí at FIIT STU. We were very pleased by the number of students visiting them, and even more by their interest in getting to know Greyson. We discussed job possibilities and we were pleasantly surprised by their knowledge about the world of IT. We'd like to thank all of those who stopped by for a little talk and a game which had been prepared by our Java team - we will soon announce the results and find out who will grab the great prizes, such as a new Playstation :-)


Greyson has a new CEO
Greyson has named a new CEO - Marek Opava, one of our colleagues. Marek joined Greyson in 2012 and he was promoted to CEO after long term service in our company's management. He has extensive experience in managing large implementation projects and has important role in commercial success of the company. We wish Marek good luck in his new duties and we trust that his vast experience will lead to further years of strong growth and success of Greyson.


New villa for our employees - this year in Madeira
Colorful Funchal, heart of the island of eternal spring - that's the new destination where this year, all our employees, their families and friends can head to, as part of our company's benefits. We are looking forward to new adventures!:)


Greyson helps those in need
We finished this year differently than usually - we adopted the idea that giving is better than receiving. Apart from charity fund raising which was taking place in Greyson by the end of the year, even our Christmas party supported charity, as we raised significant funds in a raffle. Those funds, in cooperation with Pontis charity in Slovakia and Via charity in Czech Republic were directed to those in need. Thanks to all our colleagues for their contribution.


We are still growing and we received another award!
In annual special infotechnologies issue of TOP trend magazine, Greyson was awarded 5th place in category Largest IT suppliers for private finance sector. This award is reflection of trust of our clients in us and of hard work of our people. Thank you!


Raiffeisenbank – Award „Supplier of the year”
We would like to share a joyful news with you - our company won the Supplier of the year 2017 award, organized by Raiffeisenbank, in the “Supplier with the most added value” category. The award was given based on results of the bank's managers voting. We greatly appreciate the fact that we have won this category - it is a huge commitment for the future, as well as great satisfaction and appreciation of the work we provide for our clients.

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